“Faith changes individuals, who change communities, who change the world”.

About Us

About Us
‘Faith changes individuals, who change communities, who change the world’.

BARTF was originally established by Maxine Brooks in Birmingham, England in 1994, but this ministry had a ground breaking, historical mark placed upon it, by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to produce the amazing, ‘Power Conference 2004’ event. The Power Conferences are held annually, usually from Thursday or Friday for 3 days, of the August bank holiday week. See details for this years conference.

‘BARTF PRODUCTIONS’ is a non-denominational, Christian promotion organisation, that uses products, services and events to promote the gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in the Holy Bible. All revenues created and received in this organisation, goes back into its activities to promote the Christian belief, and to eventually build a Christian Life Centre where its main activities can be housed.

HOW? – Using products, services, and events, underpinned by basic Christian values, to promote and carry out its mission. Its activities seek to create charitable and commercial revenue through: – Products such as ‘Praise’ Towels, T-Shirts, Shopper/Beach-bags, greeting cards and gifts; Services i.e. Friday Morning Bible Study Group; Prayer meetings; Community arts shows called ‘The Liv-Inn’; Themed gospel concerts i.e ‘Sisters in Christ’; Power Conferences & themed Seminars & Banquets. Professional and amateur, youth, adult and elderly groups in their entirety are encouraged to participate in any event. Each individual is empowered to achieve realistic results for themselves through social and spiritual interaction.

WHY? – In many communities such as ours, there are some people who are living below a level of personal fulfilment and appear to be under achieving. This Organisation believes that we can support and empower individuals by increasing faith in themselves and in God.

Our target groups are individuals, families, and group members of the community who are disadvantaged by their age, gender, race, physical, psychological impairment, culture, education, experience, social and geographical background.

“Thank you sincerely for your help and support”
Maxine Brooks