“Faith changes individuals, who change communities, who change the world”.



BARTF Productions is a non-profit, Christian promotion organisation, that uses products, services and events to promote the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s vision is to establish support and empowerment for people in the community by increasing their faith. I believe that faith changes individuals, who change communities, who change the world. Faith creates unlimited results. I envisage that this organisation will grow to be one of the most well known, influential and supportive, establishments of its kind, other here and aboard.

The organisation uses products, services and events to help individual to achieve their personal life’s goals by encouraging them to increase their faith.

The Director, Maxine Brooks, was born in Birmingham, England in 1964. She has always demonstrated her faith in God by taking leaps of faith through ‘BARTF’ since its creation in 1994. She has promoted the gospel by hosting community events at the Birmingham Town Hall, such as ‘Sisters in Christ’ a pioneering female gospel singer’s showcase in 1994 (with Focus Ministries) which still receives great acclaim to this day. Also, ‘The Liv-inn’, a monthly, multicultural, family dramatic arts show held again at the Birmingham’s Town Hall in 1995. She was given the vision for the Power Conferences, in 2004.

She is strongly motivated in seeing people making the most of their lives irrespective of their circumstances.

The organisation was relaunched in 2004 and is still in its pioneering stages of development. You have the opportunity to support its mission, for a good, long-term and achievable cause, that will affect the lives of countless people, bringing them hope in the knowledge of Christ’s love. The social economical goal is to build or buy a commercial structure in Birmingham as a national centre to consolidate the majority of the organisations products, services and events.

You are welcome to contact Maxine Brooks via our contact page, or by post at BARTF PRODUCTIONS, PO Box 12264, Birmingham, B23 3AA.

You can also support this ministry in any way you choose, by praying, attending BARTF events, and by purchasing goods. Any help will be greatly appreciated, respected and used to advance the works of this organisation.